Motorbike Recovery

Motorbike & Recovery in London UK

Secure Removals Ltd Specializes in motorcycle recovery services within London as well as around the UK. We can transport a motorcycle of any size or type to your desired location. We can also transport and deliver custom mopeds and motorbikes. We offer a full service, transportation , recovery, specialized devices and tools, and a team of specialists.

10% discount for Motorcycle Recovery services for all members of RPM ERA organization! We Use the following price brackets for our motorbike recovery services:
  • We charge £ 50 for up to 5 miles from the collection point to the drop-off point
  • We charge a minimum of £ 60 when the distance between the collection and drop-off points
  • Exceeds 5 miles We charge an additional £ 0 for recovery services within the Congestion Charge Zone (CCZ)
  • We charge £ 65 if collection is required due to an accident and the motorcycle is Immobilized.
  • We charge £ 80 for night-time call-outs after 6pm.

    • We can also recover your motorcycle in the instance that your motorbike tax is invalid and you can no longer use it on the road. Should you need careful transportation of your motorcycle to the nearest workshop; Secure Removals can do that for you. We provide attractive prices for our clients and our team of specialists are all experts on motorbikes and are members of the RPM ERA organization. All RPM ERA members get a 10% discount when using our motorcycle recovery service. Call us on: 02079168992 or 07,411,948,418th We will answer any questions you have regarding to this the small motorcycle recovery service.